Location and Climate

With a total surface of 1.382.033,5 km2 and a population of 123.041 inhabitants, the capital of the Magellan Region is the mayor urban center of the region, with only a 20% percent of rural population approx. Punta Arenas is Chile´s southernmost port and city. It´s located 3.090 kilometers south of Santiago, the capital.

Thanks to its commercial, cultural and social development, Punta Arenas has succeeded in making itself known throughout the country, and as it counts with a tax free zone, visitors of the city can buy imported products getting the benefit of paying much lower taxes, making Punta Arenas an ideal place to buy products from all over the world with excellent prices.

Punta Arenas can be visited all year round. The city average annual rain fall is 425mm, concentrated during spring and summer, winter is present with snow and temperatures dropping below 0 º C. This area presents constant winds, becoming stronger during spring and summer. During summertime the average temperatures oscillates between 14 and 20 º C.

One characteristic of the southern climate is the oscillation of day light hours, been reduced in winter and everlasting long in summer, reaching 18 hours approx. of light during December, a perfect moment to enjoy the city and its attractions.