Events and Festivities

The beautiful landscapes and climate of the area are the perfect setting for celebrations and traditional activities that gathers people from every corner. Want to participate in a typical festival of the region? Entertainment is in Magallanes all year round!

The biggest Barbecue in Tierra del Fuego

This activity aims to highlight one of the known fields for the people in these lands, barbecues. Through a team competition, the jury will taste all the different grilled options, choosing the winner.

Location: The Rodeo Club, located at Km 2 and a half of the Baquedano Cordon road, in the town of Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego.

Folk Festival of Patagonia

It´s a traditional festival with over thirty editions, attracting great popular artists and having the participation of national authors and composers as foreigners, who present their newest creations with folk roots, generating a greater bond of friendship, promoting the exchange and cultural growth among countries. This artistic event is a very popular family event.

Wintering in Patagonia - Winter Carnival

The Winter Carnival takes place during winter (June-July), to celebrate the start of a new season and the longest night of the year. It´s a traditional festival in which Magellan people involved with allegoric cars and musical bands circulating through the downtown covered with snow. During the “Invernadas” theres an election of the city queen and the jump into the Strait of Magellan is reserved just for braves, ending with a firework show on the waterfront of the Straits of Magellan.

Shearing Festival

It takes place in Villa Tehuelches, 100 km. north-west from the city of Punta Arenas, during the third week of January. You may attend and participate in a series of activities such as shearing shows, popular recreational games, rodeos, regional singers´ performance and buying regional food.

Location: 100 kilometers north-west of Punta Arenas, Route 9 North (Villa Tehuelches).

How to get there: by land transport from Punta Arenas.

Peasant “Ovejero” Party

Traditional festival where you can enjoy local foods, typical handcrafts, folk performances, rodeos and sheepdogs competition.

Location: Jineteadas field, Cerro Sombrero, Tierra del Fuego.

Montserrat Virgen Procession

Once a year, this vehicular procession starts from Punta Arenas heading to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montserrat, gathering around 5,000 believers. Apart from attending to liturgical outdoors celebrations, visitors take the opportunity given by summer and go camping, picnic, and for grilled barbecues.

Location: Villa Verde River, from Punta Arenas using the route 9 North.

Date: The second Sunday of January.

How to get there: From Punta Arenas using the route 9 North .

Duration of the trip: 1 day.

Traditional Chiloe´s Festival

Every summer in Punta Arenas a Chiloe traditional festival is hold, presenting the culture of the Chiloe Island through its cuisine and its artistic and musical shows.

Location: Punta Arenas , Retiro passage with out number.

San Gregorio Song Festival

This folk event that lasts for two days has been performed over the last 10 years. In addition to solo and group singing competition, it counts with the presence of international artists and special guests from the center of the country, as well as regional groups.

Date: The second week of November.

Location: Villa O'Higgins, 170 km. from Punta Arenas.

Saintgregorian Week

It’s purpose is the celebration of the anniversary of the municipality of San Gregorio, having a variety of activities for the community and visitors.

Activities, farm popular games, rodeos, events brought from Punta Arenas.

Date: Second week of February.

Location: Villa Bernardo O'Higgins, 170 km from Punta Arenas.

“A la chilena” Festival

This traditional countryside sport is practice every year in Villa Cerro Castillo, in the municipality of Torres del Paine, having local riders in competition, demonstrating their skills in horse rodeo.

Location: Cerro Castillo villaje, 59 km. north of Puerto Natales.