Bar Menu

This corner of the city offers the best experience in aperitifs, “tablas” and sandwiches. Enjoy a calafate sour or your favorite drink in a unique atmosphere.

We invite you to enjoy our exquisite variety of drinks and plates.


* Variety of recommended bread: Home made bread y Sliced bread

Chilean classics

Chacarero (Beef fillet, green beans, tomato, green chili pepper) $5900
Barros Luco (Beef fillet, gouda cheese) $5900
Churrasco italiano (Beef fillet, avocado and tomato) $5900
Ave Palta (Chicken fillet, avocado) $4900

Hotel specials

* The sandwichs are garnished with lactonesa (milk mayonnaise)

Club Sándwich (Chicken fillet, avocado, tomato, bacon over sliced bread) $5200
Salmón ahumado (Smoked salmon, cream cheese, regional lettuce over sliced
brown home made bread)
Vegetariano (Mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, baked sweet pepper
over brown home made bread)

Appetizers & Sodas

Sara Braun's selections of ham & cheese (Camembert, Edam, Blue Cheese, Salames, Serrano ham, Olives) $7900
Selection of Empanadas (3 Meat, 3 Cheese y 3 Shrimps) $6500
Selection of Chupes (bread and cheese soup) (1 King Crab, 1 Shrimps y 1 Scallops) $6500
Selections of meat cuts (Beef fillet, barbecue ribs and chicken wings with merkén (local hot spices) and potatoes with oregano and toasts) $9500

Nectar Juice $1200
Lemonade $2000
Natural Juice $2200
Sodas $1600
Mineral Water $1500


Instant Coffee $1200
Instant Coffee with milk $1500
Expresso $1500
Double Expresso $2200
Cortado (coffee with a dash of milk) $1900
Double Cortado (coffee with a dash of milk) $2200
American Coffee $1900
Capuchino $2500
Double Capuchino $2800
Moka Coffee $2100
Double Moka Coffee $2900
Irish Coffee $2900
Imported Tea $2000

Toasts with a side (avocado, butter, jam) $2500
Home made cookies $2200
Cake of the day $2800

Drinks & cocktails

Pisco sour $2500
Calafate sour $2900
Kir Royal $2900
Tom Collins $3900
Dry Martini $3900
Daiquiri fruta $3900
Campari Naranja $3900
Jerez sour (Salamero) $2600
Jerez sour (Tío Pepe) $4000
Clavo Oxidado $4900
Glass of Sangría $2500
Glass of wine $2000
Glass of Sparkling wine $2500


Hernando de Magallanes negra $2900
Hernando de Magallanes roja $2900
Hernando de Magallanes Lager $2900
Austral Lager $2500
Austral Calafate $2500
Austral Pale Ale $2500
Austral Yagan $2500
Austral Torres del Paine $3400
Imperial $2500


Pisco Pisco Alto del Carmen 40º $2500
Pisco Alto del Carmen 35º $2000
Mistral 35° $2000
Ron Ron Pampero $3000
Ron Havana $3000
Ron Havana club 7 años $6700
Gin Tanqueray $4900
Beefeater $4900
Vodka Stolichnaya $4900
Absolut $4900
Absolut citron $4900
Coñac Martel VSOP $17500
Brandy Torres 10 $5900
Bajativo Manzanilla $2500
Menta $2500
Araucano $3000
Frangelico $4900
Baileys $4900
Fernet $4900
Amaretto Disaronno $5900


J Walker Red Label $4900
J Walker Black label $9500
Jack Daniels $7400
Buchanan 12 $7400
Chivas Regal 12 years $9000
Chivas Regal 18 $16900
Glenfiddich $9000
Glenlivet $9000
Gentleman Jack $11900
Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt
There are lots of stories to be told in this bottle. A meticulous creation from the original whisky, that was taken to Antarctica by Sir Ernest Shackleton on one of his expeditions between 1907 and 1909, and that was found 100 years after. A unique personality that captures the enduring spirit of man and malt.

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon Don Melchor Viña Concha y Toro $140900
Maximiliano Reserva Viña Errazuriz $22900
Medalla Real Gran Reserva Viña Santa Rita $19900
Carmen Rsva Gran Vidure Viña Carmen $16000
La Capitana Viña La Rosa $14900
Carmenere Marqués de casa Concha Viña Concha y Toro $22900
Medalla Real Gran Reserva Viña Santa Rita $19500
La Capitana Reserva Viña La Rosa $14900
Las Mulas Reserva Viña Miguel Torres $12900
Merlot Marqués de Casa Concha Viña Concha y Toro $23900
La Capitana Reserva Viña La Rosa $17490
Carmen Reserva Viña Carmen $13900
Syrah Marqués de Casa Concha Viña Concha y Toro $23900
Carmen Reserva Viña Carmen $14900
Malbec Montes classic Viña Montes $16900
Caliterra Tributo Viña Caliterra $21900
Gran Reserva Viña Viu Manent $18000

White Wine & Sparklings

Sauvignon Blanc Marqués de Casa Concha Viña Concha y Toro $23900
Las Mulas Reserva Viña Miguel Torres $12900
Trío Reserva Viña Concha y Toro $14900
Carmen Reserva Viña Carmen $13900
Chardonnay Amelia Viña Concha y Toro $43900
Santa Digna Viña Miguel Torres $16900
Carmen Reserva Viña Carmen $13900
Espumosos Clásico Brut Viña Codorniu $25000
Brut Viña Cono Sur $18900
Undurraga Brut Royal Viña Errazuriz $16900
Sparkling Viña La Rosa $11900